About Us

EN’R Beauty Skincare

  • Natural bird’s nest processed through advanced Japanese technology to obtain sialic-acid rich bird’s nest extract.

  • Integrate bird's nest extract with effective moisturizing formula that is absorbed by the skin easily, making it soft and elastic.

  • No alcohol, no artificial color or perfume, carefully selected raw materials, gentle and safe to use.

  • Natural nourishment for the skin for natural beauty.

Brand Purpose
Mildness / Warmth / Purity / Conscience

Mildness :
We use only the mildest, most effective ingredients to develop products that meet your personal needs. 

Warmth :
We provide considerate and comprehensive service to all our customers. 

Purity :
We advocate simple, environmental-friendly packaging and design. 


Conscience :
We build our product line with conscience and pay it forward by supporting social organizations.

​Our Philosophy
Let beauty return to its purest, most natural form

We developed and tested our products with the goal of creating an efficient yet gentle formula, without any superfluous ingredients, in order to let the power of natural extracts nourish your skin and allow beauty to return to its most natural, simplest and truest form.

「 EN’R 」

The name EN’R Beauty Skincare is derived from East and Royal, as bird’s nest is considered a prized delicacy in Asia. EN’R now offers you its line of skin care products composed of precious bird’s nest extract to nourish and protect your skin. 




© 2019 EN'R Beauty Skincare . Let beauty return to its purest, most natural form.

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