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You must have experience like this…


As you age, you probably would be surprise to see the fine lines on your face have increased, when you’re looking at the mirror someday! Is it a downward spiral that every woman has to go through?

Of course not, darling. It is evitable that everyone ages. The key question is—how to keep your skin in its best status in every stage of your life? 

The first thing without a doubt is to keep your face well moistured.

Our founder, Raying, has skin type of mix and sensitive. Therefore, she is always looking for the skincare product that are effective, mild, safe, and also affordable. 

After years of searching in vain with numerous try, she finally came across the ingredient of “Bird’s Nest”. The Bird’s Nest is one of Chinese’s top 4 healing foods traditionally. With her experience of working in the industry of selling Bird’s Nest, she discovered that the extract of Bird’s Nest is not only good for the body health, but also for your skin. 

Hoping to seize this business opportunity, she stepped out of her comfort zone and started her own product line of Bird’s Nest skincare products

We select only the BEST manufacturer


Our primary goal when it comes to manufacture, is to make customers see the proof of how careful we select the ingredient, Bird’s Nest. Needless to say, our products are alcohol, coloring, and fragrance-free.

However, this simple expectation actually met lots of difficulties during products developing. 

When manufacturers heard what ingredient and recipe Raying wants, most of their first response is “this is not cost-effective at all, you fool! You should just buy one of our current non-brand products, and put on your own label. Then you can get yourself a simple, fast money-earning machine.”

Nevertheless, it is not Raying’s first intention at all. The reason she set up her own brand at the first place, is to develop safe yet effective products. Thus, Raying quickly say goodbye to these manufacturers!

After months of failed communications with manufacturers, plus a little bit of good luck, Raying finally found a German manufacturer with GMP international certifications. She personally took part in all process of ingredients sourcing & selection, product development, end product testing(of course she’s the test subject, too!).

Finally, finding people of all skin types to form a group for testing is also a must, for a perfectionist like herself! She is not satisfied with the products after all her “test subjects” (i.e. all friends and family) are happy with the products, too.

Throw away your countless products now! 
All you need is a simple skincare routine with product only made of top ingredient.


Raying always calls herself “lazy” when it comes to skincare. She hates all the bottles and complex routine needed. That’s why she focuses on “simplicity” during the product development, for example, creating multi-functional products for convenience. 

Take their “Firming & Brightening Serum” for instance, it is a lotion, a essence, and a moisturizer. Another products, “Brightening Moisture Essence Face Cream” also has two functions: With small amount, it’s an eye cream; with large amount applied, it’s an eye mask. 

So, no matter you are at home or on the go, all you need for skincare is this “trio” ---Mask, Essence, and Night Gel-Cream. This quick and simple skincare routine saves you time and efforts.

You don’t have to pay for all fancy wrapping!


We’re not really environment protection frenzies, but we try our best to protecting our earth in everyday life. While going out, these are our essentials: 3 different sizes of shopping bag, reusable water bottles, reusable chopsticks and utensils. 

Therefore, “No extra, fancy wrapping and package” is our motto. Also, we try to reduce carbon footprint by the simplest, flat package of all our products.

We are still working on the plastic wrapping, since our products still need that for protection during shipping. But we will endeavor to pursuit the best balance between the well-designed packages to pamper you v.s. the reduction of the trash created during production.

We delicate to constantly optimizing our products


We started from the humble beginning in early 2018. The journey of our brand’s development happened when in June of that year, we were selected to join the Elite’s Startups Market, after which we received many feedbacks from the customers who came back for the 2nd purchase after a couple of months! 

After then, we never stop reviewing, optimizing our products by taking customer’s feedback seriously and rethink. For example, the fans’ wish gave birth to our new product, “Bird’s Nest Bird’s Nest Extract Firming & Whiting Essence.” It was a huge success after it came to the market on August of that year!

Constantly receiving customers’ wish ( and yours!) for products like moist spray, lotion, and day cream, etc. We will do our best to put those wishes come true! So if you have any request for specific product or flavor ( no artificial fragrance from us for sure!), please don’t hesitate to “make a wish” with us directly! 

We’re looking forward to customers like you to give us feedback every time. 
Let us gals become prettier, healthier, and more gorgeous together!

FounderRayIng Wang