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In jedem Quartal spendet EN’R 1% seiner Einnahmen an gemeinnützige Organisationen, die sich für den Schutz der Umwelt oder des Tierschutzes einsetzen.

Caring for our world with you…


Raying’s original attempt to start EN'R Beauty Skincare products, is to make herself prettier while helping other women who wants to change. Therefore, it is also our endeavor to care for minority group, Non-profit organizations, and the women’s equality.

“Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise” puts their most efforts in teaching poor village women in India to develop their skill for earning themselves a living, and providing job opportunities. In Bangladesh, “Rong Dhonu” means “the rainbow”. Rong Dhonu is based at the south village of Kolkata in India. They teaches local women to sew and weave, supporting these women’s own living and improving their financial status through these skilss. 
The beautiful Saree comes from the recycle of local factories’ wasted fabric. They are made into beautiful, practical bags with a touch of humanity’s warmth. This action brings these disadvantaged women the self-worth, financial independency, and also sends their children to school for education. It not only lightens their own lives, but also changes the fate of their next generation.

Supporting fair trade, we work with Rong Dhonu with their bags. In the hope of passing forward this value and dignity of women’s own endeavor to Taiwan, the earning of these cosmetics bags will all be donated to this social enterprise. We wish to pass down this power and warmth to you and people around you through your purchase. 

Let us treasure what we have and to extend that to the care for this world.  (Moisturizing travel kit with Indian cosmetic bag)

​(Photo: Rong Dhonu)

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